domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

English... again

The purpose of this post is to tell everyone that I have resumed my English lessons, and I think that a good way to do it is trying to write a whole message in English. Because of that, I would like you to tell me any mistakes you find in this text, and I will be really grateful if you do it.

I started learning English many years ago, when I was in EGB. My first English lessons were frustrating, because I dind't understand any of the things the teacher said in class. I thought he was speaking in a strange language that I could never be able to understand, and I hated him. For that reason, I decided to take classes with a private teacher. This woman used special teaching methods, and her classes were really funny and useful. In that moment I began to feel more interested in English, and I started to study on my own, and to improve the language.

After that, I registered in my town's Official Languages School, and studied there for 4 years. I left it at the last year because I thought it was too difficult, as the aim of the lessons was mainly Phonetics, something I found boring and useless for my requirements of the language.

Then I began my degree, left all my english classes, and focused on studying Medicine.

Now that I'm working, I realise of the importance of the knowledgment of English. All the advances in Medicine are available in this language, because this is the first one in which articles are published, so I need faster reading and comprehension. Moreover, English is the guarantee to be able to look for a job in other countries, as the panoramics of working as a doctor in Spain is not very good at present.

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Gracias por tu mensaje. Siempre me hace ilusión saber que alguna persona, en algún lugar, se siente interesada por algo de lo que aquí escribo.